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CJBN is the only place you'll find all TV's hottest shows every week as well as the best, locally produced news and entertainment show out there, Points North.

American Idol, The Mentalist, Grey's Anatomy, Big Bang Theory, and NCIS are just a small sampling of the amazing selection of number 1 TV shows that CJBN carries.

And, when it comes to living life in the breathtaking and scenic great outdoors, you won't find any show more entertaining, informative, and concentrated on Northwestern Ontario's culture than Points North. Points North takes you on a twice-weekly Northern experience, highlighting all the events, issues, and concerns of the region, as well as participating in every exciting outdoor adventure Northwestern Ontario has to offer.

Besides Points North, CJBN also provides regional viewers with a 3-day weather forecast which airs periodically during weekday primetime hours. From November until the snow melts, another perk for our northern audience is a detailed road and snowmobile trail report which airs Thursday and Friday evenings.

Not only does CJBN have a unique Northern flavor and 16 of the top 20 shows on television but we also provide an unmatched, competitive catalogue of advertising options for businesses both small and large.